mazcots sports bar pittsfield ma bannerA Mascot is defined as something usually fictional or nonexistent, but sometimes real, that symbolizes an organization and is considered to bring good luck. A Mazcot is defined as someone real and existent, that loves sports, comfort food, cold beverages and will bring good spirit to our new sports bar. You the consumer are OUR Mazcot! Our location at 490 Pittsfield Road here in Pittsfield Massachusetts is dedicated to you,  with great pride, pleasure and appreciation to our Mazcots!

We will put our game face on every day to gain respect and trust in our Mazcots. With sold out crowds and tight seating, be careful for foul balls, penalty flags, unsportsmanlike conduct and an occasional blooper….Please keep in mind that all actions are reviewed by our Instant replay officials. 
Most important is pay attention, because the games are always on….

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